I have finally got around to making beads again today, I am concentrating on turquoise and ivory and I will be etching them.  I  hope to post some pictures this time so you will be able to see the changes.

One little drawback today whilst I was putting a cabochon in the kiln I dropped it and then automatically tried to catch it again! Now that was silly! Consequently I burnt my hand. I was so glad on that jug of water I keep for emergencies and injuries, it certainly came in handy today.

 I must say though I think that's the first time ina about 6 years that I have burnt myself so that's not too bad really.



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aztec series:     



I have recently tried a new tequnique and I am really excited about this and this week I will be updating my Etsy stall to sell these beads. I hope you like them, please let me have feedback. Thanks

I am still here

I just noticed I have not Blogged since August! I am still here. I am going to concentrate on on line sales this year so I will be spending more time on here and Etsy and Ebay. I have listed some of my Cutlery on Ebay yesterday as it was a free listing day and a chance to clear out lots of things that have been hanging around the house for ages, so it's a bit of a mix. My old Laura Ashley books have to go they are a great source of inspiration but are taking up space which I need for my mountain of beads! Anyway please take a look at my listings.

Sale at William Wheat Garden Centre Aldridge Walsall

I have just got home after my stall at William Wheats it was so nice to see faces old and new. It is nice to support such good causes as Arthritus Care thanks to all involved

Staffordshire Bead Fair


Just received this  from the organisers of the Staffordshire Bead Fair (12th September.)

Print out the downloadable voucher and present on arrival and you and a friend will both get in for £5!

 Saving you £1.  



Glass Bead Makers

I had a lovely time on Saturday at Julie Fountains place, do check her lovely beads out. Thanks so much Julie


Today Rachel came over and we had a go at transfers, it was great fun and the results are quite pleasing, here are a few photos, I hope they come off the mandrels. (fingers crossed)

Hatton Spring Craft Fare

Do you fancy a day out with the kids? Then come and see me at Hatton Craft Fare tomorrow Sunday 25 April 2010, there are loads of things to do there and it should be a lovely sunny day for the event. I am now making silver core beads for the children's bracelets, just see my online shop. To get the right size just measure the child's wrist then add on 2cms and email me with the size, these are available from 14cms. Payment can be made by Credit Card via Paypal and by personal Cheque. 

Walsall Golf Club Do

I just want to say thanks to Walsall Golf Club for their hospitality last night at their Ladies Night.  I really enjoy meeting people who enjoy my work, the praise is reward enough, although I did manage to sell a few items, thankyou. I hope that I will be able to meet with a few of these ladies again soon. I do love to support the Golf Club as it has given my family many many hours of enjoyment. Thanks for Jayne for organising it. 

Well what an exciting week I have had. First of all I have been practising for the Race for Life and I have set up a

link so you can sponser me at

My aim is to raise £100 so I do hope you can give me a couple of £ to help towards this good cause.

The event is on May 12 2010.

I must say how much I enjoyed the event at Julies yesterday. It was great to meet fellow members of GBUK and to meet the new Chairman of GBUK, Charlotte Dakin-Norris <chairman@gbuk.org>. It was such a shame that Rachel and I had to dash off to other events that afternoon. I hope to be able to get to more events like this and get to know fellow glass bead makers and jewellery artists.

Flickr experiment

Well I posted some pictures on my Flickr page tonight and it said I could create a link so I thought I would give it a go to see if I can get it to work, hopefully I signed it up.... fingers crossed.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my customers.

I hope you all have a healthly and prosperous new year

Jewellery Parties



November 2009

Are you interested in having a jewellery party? I offer attractive incentives for party hostesses and the opportunity to view all the jewellery from the comfort of your own home with some friends and family. Parties are structured but informal which allows for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to try on jewellery and discuss how I make the Lampwork and jewellery. Everything I make is individual so no 2 parties are ever the same because the jewellery changes so often. This is a fun way of getting your friends together, you supply the nibbles and drink and I will supply the rest.

I am based in Walsall West Midlands I will travel up to 5 mile radius. If you live further away and would like a jewellery party please contact me to discuss an online party. There are really good incentives for anyone booking a party from your party and generous commission to put towards an item of your choice.


Best Wishes


Heather Pearce




All about me

I first saw Lampwork featured in the Bead and Button Magazine a few years ago. I did not know anything about glass beads at all, so after researching on the internet I decided to do a course and my interest was born.

After undertaking a course with Sally Carver I knew it was something I really wanted to do. Finding a suitable place was going to prove difficult. Then I remembered...

We had an old Greenhouse which was falling down and there was a potting shed attached to it. This was where fire was used in Edwardian times to heat up the pipes.  I realised this area had the potential to be my work area and my Studio.

We had the Greenhouse and the Studio renovated and now I had a place to do my Lampwork.

 I hope you like my work, I really enjoyed making it for you.


ETSY site link

Here is a link to my ETSY site


Trinity Fare

I must say how much I enjoyed doing the Trininty Fair at Holy Trinity Cof E Parish Church on Saturday 6 June 2009, it was great to be involved in such worthwhile charities as  http://www.newlifecharity.co.uk/ and http://www.hamlinfistulauk.org/.
I do hope that lots of money was raised for the good causes. Thanks to all involved.


My new kiln

I finally got my kiln going and I am going to post a picture of it in action with my new beads inside. This is the last lot of batch annealing I am doing, from now on I will be putting them straight into the kiln... I hope it works

Copyrights and Fare Use

Rachel just emailed me a great article about copyright it is really interesting.

This is the link here

Flame Off

I must say how much I enjoyed the flame off this year. Thanks for taking me Rachel.. or is it Blue? Don't forget to visit www.silverfusion.co.uk for some lovely goodies from Rach. I hope the site is up now!

I really enjoyed watching the Demos Julie Ann Denton, Sarah Hornick, Beverley Hicklin were all excellent. I learnt so much! I was so inspired I bought a new kiln from Martin at www.tuffnellglass.com. It is a Paragon Bluebird and I can not wait to get it going. We need a few adjustments to the studio first!

I must say the lampworkers are so generous with their help and certainly get those creative brain cells working overtime. I visited Sal at Red Hot Sal and thanked her for her generous annealment of my beads up to now. It is great to get that kind of support. Anyway as a thank you I am posting her site here so just click on it.

If you want to learn how to make beads your self Sal has a great DVD out. I must get a copy for myself!

Happy Easter

Well I would like to wish all my customers a very Happy Easter. I have spent all the holidays updating my site and finally I have put some new things on My Etsy site.  In spite of joining a year ago I have only just got around to doing this.

It has been a lovely day today. I went to do some Lampworking this afternoon... boy it was hot in the Studio. Mustn't complain it is better than that winter cold!

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