About Oimillie Lampwork

Thanks for visiting my web site.

A bit about me

My name is Heather Pearce

I live in the West Midlands in the UK with my family.

I started to make lampwork beads in 2007 after seeing some in a magazine a few years before. This was on a part time basis as I was still working full time.

I have finally taken the plunge to set up this site and spend more time in this business venture.

I started making jewellery over 40 years and found it was hard to source lovely individual unique beads for my designs, but now you can use handmade unique glass beads in your jewellery creations!

I have had some lessons with some outstanding teachers and this held me in good stead with the basics on but I am mainly self-taught.

My beads are made using a traditional lampwork method where the glass is melted in a very hot flame, then shaped by hand while it is still hot I put the beads in a warm kiln still on their mandrels (Metal sticks that form the holes)

The kiln is digitally controlled, and anneals the beads which eliminates stress and makes them stronger. All my beads are all cleaned so that they arrive with you ready to use. This is the difference between buying artisan beads and mass produced ones, when you see them, you can see the quality.

The beads are strong and should not break if dropped. Therefore they should last a lifetime if they are looked after well.

You are making an investment with your purchase.

One of my customers told me she has been wearing her beads for 13 years and they are still as good as new!

Please contact me if you want to know more about the process.